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Day 41 / 42 / 43: Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon)

Sadly, my extended stay in Hoi An and getting sick before heading to Vietnam limited the amount of time I had to roam about Vietnam. My visitor visa expires on December 4th so I had to skip Nha Trang and Dalat and instead, jumped on a flight to Ho Chi Minh City. I wish I … Continue reading

Day 38 / 39 / 40: Hoi An

I left my heart in Hoi An. This town was the absolute cutest and had so many of a girl’s favorite things: a beach, good food, good wine, a romantic riverfront for endless sauntering and kilometers of bespoke shopping. Vidya and I guiltlessly indulged in all of the above. While this is definitely a trip … Continue reading

Day 37: Hue

This post is a long time coming due to a lack of proper Internet connection. It’s strange, in some places the wi-fi has been selective of the websites it allows me to access. For instance, one place allowed Skype to work, but no websites. This current hotel let me access email, Skype and news sites, … Continue reading

Day 35 / 36: Hanoi

My night train from Sapa arrived back in Hanoi at an ungodly time: 5:30am. My pick up from the train station could not be found so I was barraged by taxi attendants yelling “motorbike” and grabbing my arm to lead me to their cars. You have to remember that customs are different in various countries, but the … Continue reading

Day 33 / 34: Sapa

They beautiful scenery continued on in Sapa, though very different from that in Ha Long Bay. This Northern region of Vietnam is mountainous and populated with various tribes and rice patty fields. The best part about it for me… the weather! It was cool! I used a long sleeve shirt for the first time since … Continue reading

Day 31 / 32: Ha Long Bay

Second place up in Vietnam was Ha Long Bay. Many people recommended I take a two day trip here and stay on a boat for the night so I did just that! I organized the tour to my guesthouse and while I don’t have a way of knowing whether they are ripping me off for … Continue reading

Day 29 / 30: Hanoi

I’ve finally left Thailand and am now traveling through Vietnam! I landed in Hanoi yesterday early morning and have been soaking up sites of the city since then. I am staying in the Old Quarter which used to be one large marketplace with different streets indicating different trades. For instance, Hang Bac (the main road … Continue reading

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