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Day 24 / 25 / 26 / 27 / 28: Sick in Bangkok

Well, given my propensity towards sickness in the states, I was bound to get sick here. Thank goodness it was nothing stomach related! I came down with a fever on my last day in Chiang Mai so instead of continuing to Sukhothai and Mae Sot as I had planned, I high-tailed it over to Bangkok … Continue reading

Day 22 / 23: Doi Suthep National Park, Sri Lanna National Park and Trekking

Planning this trekking excursion definitely took a bit of patience, but it was so worth it in the end. It cost 2,500 Baht which is definitely on the steeper end but given the range of activities, it was worth every penny (or satang)! We took off from Chiang Mai in the morning with a packed … Continue reading

Day 19 / 20 / 21: Pai

Due to a whole lot of complicated schedule shifting, I ended up going to Pai from Chiang Mai for the weekend. Pai is along the Mae Hong Son loop which is an area that I wanted to check out. In my original schedule, I had outlined Chiang Rai as a city in the north that … Continue reading

Day 18: Chiang Mai (Unexpectedly)

This day I was supposed to be on a trek in Sri Lanna National Park staying the night in a local village, but plans had to change. I was packed and ready for the trek but ended up not feeling too well in the morning. There was supposed to be another trek leaving the next … Continue reading

Day 17: Cooking in Chiang Mai

I finally got behind a stove after what seems like years! I took a one-day Thai cooking course at an organic farm to learn all my favorite dishes. The most insightful aspect of the class was learning about the ingredients and where they come from since most people can follow a recipe book. We went … Continue reading

Day 15 / 16: Chiang Mai

My schedule got changed up a little bit from the original plan. Instead of going to Vietnam and Cambodia and then coming back to Northern Thailand, I decided to do the north first. The reason behind this is actually a sad one. I won’t be able to meet up with Lisa and Brian when they … Continue reading

Day 13 / 14: Bangkok and Khao Yai

Originally, my trip to Thailand was for 10 days from November 1st – November 11th. That was planned when I was still working and Devi and I had set aside the weekend of November 3/4th to spend together. We kept the same weekend reserved and planned to take a day trip to either the beach … Continue reading

Day 12: Phuket and Phi Phi Islands

Yesterday was sadly my last day in Southern Thailand meaning the end of island hopping and beaches for a bit. I actually feel kind of beached out, is that even possible? Regardless, I decided to go out with a bang and booked a tour to the Phi Phi Islands as it is the most popular … Continue reading

Day 11: Phuket

Whomever said that Phuket is the butthole of Thailand was, in my opinion, solely referring to Patong Beach. This area has become the tourist mecca in Phuket and caters to tourists’ every need, often with a hefty price tag. To me, Patong is like Cabo San Lucas meets Las Vegas (what I said just reminded … Continue reading

Day 9 / 10: Koh Samui

Yes, yes… quite belated post. My days and nights have been indistinguishable in the last two days and I couldn’t find the time to get this together. Apologies for those that got worried! Day 9 we decided to book a tour to go see Angthong National Park which is located off of Samui island. We … Continue reading

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