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It’s finally travel time, again.

It has been really quiet lately, hasn’t it? I just logged back into my page and it made me so sad to see that I have not written in over 2 years! I’ll confess that I did have a couple of adventures during that time, mostly in Canada and throughout the US, but they never made it to my … Continue reading

Day 54 – 57: Tarija

The last city of my two month adventure was Tarija! For those of you that know me, the choice of city is obvious, but even the rest of you can appreciate the location: Bolivia’s wine country. Tarija touts the world’s highest wines where the altitude makes quite a difference in the flavor and cultivation of the grapes. … Continue reading

Day 50 – 53: Sucre

I realize this is super belated, but it becomes really difficult to have the proper motivation after you have returned home. One gets caught up in the daily routines and after catching up with so many people about the trip, writing about it one more time becomes a bit tedious. I am forcing myself to … Continue reading

Day 46 – 49: Salar de Uyuni

The salt flats of Bolivia are arguably the biggest tourism pull for the country. The high season is during summer which is also their wet season. The water on the salt flats allows the reflective properties that one typically sees in pictures of Uyuni. I did not go during wet season so the scenery was … Continue reading

Day 44 – 45: La Paz

The last 6 days have just been so eventful and wifi has been so limited that I haven’t gotten around to posting again. Hopefully I will be able to catch you guys up on everything soon! Let’s begin with the two days that were spent in La Paz, Bolivia. A quick note that La Paz marks … Continue reading

Day 41: World’s Most Dangerous Road aka “Death Road”

Oh man. Alright guys, so there is this road that used to be the world’s most dangerous road when it was still used by cars having one of the highest death rates in the world (200-300 per year). That is not, however, how it got its name “the death road.” That name came due to … Continue reading

Day 40: Copacabana

First city in Bolivia! I’ve finally made it out of Peru and into Bolivia, my second and final country. I must say, I loved Peru and am pretty sad to be leaving. The country really made me feel right at home and ultra comfortable the whole time. That being said, I’m excited to see another … Continue reading

Day 42 – 43: Coroico

I realize I am doing that jumping around thing again and now day 40 and 41 are missing. Really though, you guys can blame Rishee because he really wanted to write his guest post about our days in Coroico, Bolivia. Just to give it a little context, day 40 was spent in Copacabana, Bolivia and day 41 … Continue reading

Day 38 – 39: Puno

We took a morning bus out of Arequipa at 8am heading over to Puno. It was a 6 hour bus which typically extends an hour so we reached Puno in the afternoon. Puno is on the border of Lake Titicaca and an entry city into Bolivia. This is our last stop in Peru and then … Continue reading

Day 33 and 37: Arequipa

Sorry that the days got a little jumbled, but I wanted to get the Colca adventure down before I forgot any details. Now, I’ll backtrack to our time in Arequipa which is a city in the south east part of Peru. Interestingly enough, a lot of Peruvians think of Arequipa very separately. My friend Tonino … Continue reading

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